Let’s do it together

Need a mentor? A co-creator? Someone who can tell you where to start and how to keep going?

Lets do it together.


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Get your first 100 customers

This programme is for ‘first-time-founders’. For the entrepreneurs who have the bright idea and beating impulse inside of them to bring their ideas to life. You can dream as big as you like (in fact I encourage you to), though the most important thing for you to focus on, is working out HOW you’re going to get to your first 100 customers.

Your project management board

Your project management board

The online course

The online course


strategy sessions

The Do it together (DIT) course combines all the benefits of having a co-founder as well as digital agency in one! We meet (via video call) once a month to work through your business strategy.

DIT students have limitless access to the Bootstrap Marketing course and have intensive sessions with me for one hour every month. During these sessions we can work through everything from campaign ideation, business modelling, your marketing strategy or any area of the course that you’re struggling with.

Having one-to-one sessions ensures that you maintain momentum in striving towards your business goals. Instead of building up an endless to-do list, you are assigned tasks to complete between our sessions to ensure you’re getting closer to your first 100 customers.




Here’s the nitty gritty


Bootstrap Marketing - DIT

$150 per month
• Monthly 1:1 sessions with me
• Limitless access to course material
• Personalised strategy board
• No contracts



Other’s like you


Meet some other founders who I work with as part of the ‘do it together’ programme.


Little Succers

This “DIT” course is SO great for anyone who wants to have control over their own digital marketing. I recommend this course to all of friends in the start-up space.

Third Law

Girls Getaways

“Rosa is incredibly insightful and creative with a no fuss approach and always spot on with our brand. She is friendly professional and approachable.”

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