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Welcome to Bootstrap Marketing

Hey! I’m Rosa-Clare.
I’m a digital marketing expert with a flair for tech startups.

I teach people how to use Digital Marketing to level up their careers and businesses.



Want to learn how to
to increase your sales online?


Welcome to Bootstrap Marketing!

Bootstrap Marketing is an online program where small businesses and individuals learn how to use digital marketing to improve their users experience, and increase their on-site conversions.

Bootstrap Marketing is offered in two different plans. One is a ‘Do it Yourself’ plan, where students move through a digital marketing course at their own pace for a single payment.

The other is a ‘Do it Together’ plan, which includes 2 monthly one-on-one consultation sessions for $300 per month.


Lifetime Access


I believe that it’s impossible to learn a new skill if you aren’t able to practice and experiment with it in real time. Moving through 10 weeks of material is only effective when you can return to relevant modules at a time when it becomes relevant to your business. When you purchase Bootstrap Marketing you have access to the material for life.


Lowest Price


Digital marketing is an incredibly sought after skill in today’s job market. Having the ability to effectively strategise, execute, optimise and track marketing campaigns means that you can earn BIG dollars. That’s why most digital marketing courses are upwards of $6,000. You can get all the same skills (and seriously so much more) for just $1,100.


Watch on Mobile


You wouldn’t be looking into an online course if you weren’t looking for something flexible! This online course is run through the Teachable platform. Teachable enables you to download the course material ‘offline’ so you can watch it on your mobile phone through the app or save it to your iPad for those long plane rides.


Learn how to create effective digital strategies


Regardless of your current skill level, or where you're at now, Bootstrap Marketing will help you get excited about your next steps. In this program, we will be covering all the skills and tools required to enable you to take your marketing to the next level. From setting up effective paid Adwords campaigns, to reverse engineering your competitors digital strategy.


Choose Your Plan


Do it Yourself - Online Courses

Move through the course at your own pace. Pay once and get lifetime access to 8 weeks worth of digital marketing lessons.

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Do it Together - Consultations

For a monthly fee you will get two monthly one-to-one sessions with me, via zoom. We cover campaigns, strategy and implementation.


I’m Rosa-Clare


My life philosophy is centred around learning how to do things and understand functions before asking for help or outsourcing them. Bootstrap Marketing was born out of my frustration watching my peers and friends be hoodwinked by agencies or freelancers who charged a premium for little output.

Bootstrap Marketing is all about helping early stage start-ups get a head start with their digital marketing for an affordable price.

Love learning about digital marketing? You should checkout my resource heaven section which covers all you need to know about Bootstrap Marketing!