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A Self-Guided
Digital Marketing Course

This ‘Do It Yourself’ Bootstrap Marketing course guides you through digital marketing fundamentals as well as expert tips and hacks.

This course is perfect for anyone who spends hours upon hours trawling online for ‘how to’s’, AdWords guides and other resources. This course pulls it allllll togetherrrrr. You only ever have to come to the one place to find step-by-step guides on how to effectively set up your tools, campaigns and automations.


Digital Marketing Theory

  • What is digital marketing

  • How to forecast your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

  • How to set up an AdWords campaign

  • Understanding data-driven marketing

  • How to use Google Analytics & Tag Manager

  • How to create UTM’s for your URLs

Paid Social

  • Paid social media theory

  • How to use Facebook Business Manager

  • How to create campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger

  • How to create custom audiences for retargeting.

  • How to measure and optimise your campaigns.

User Experience (UX)

  • UX theory for landing page and checkout funnels

  • How to create user flows

  • How to use analytics to inform your UX changes

  • Landing page creation checklist

  • Mobile landing page UX theory

  • Tools & Resources for your website

Content Strategy

  • Understanding SEO & Domain Authority

  • How to effectively do your keyword research

  • SEO website checklist & best practices

  • Backlinks - and how to get them!

  • Email marketing - how to create an effective email marketing strategy

  • CRMs & lead generation tips


Lowest Market Price

I assume you have already done your research, but if not, go and do a quick Google search for “digital marketing course price” and I am sure you will be flabbergasted by the price!

The minimum price out there is $2,000. Take it from someone who has a specialised marketing degree, there’s not many courses out there that can keep up with, or teach you the elements of the ever changing digital marketing world.

Take a leap of faith on my course, I promise you won’t think of that $1,300 ever again…


How many times have you sat through a marketing seminar and frantically jotted down notes in your journal hoping to return to them at a later stage when you need them? If you’re anything like me, then you’ve done it A LOT of times.

The ‘Bootstrap Marketing’ course enables you to stop, start, fast forward and return to any section as it becomes relevant to you. These lessons are maximum 10 minutes in duration, and each shows me sharing my screen and walking you through each and every step of the topic.


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Led by an expert

Now, I am not trying to toot my own horn here, but I really am bloody good at what I do and I want you to be good at this stuff too… andddd I’m a poet and I didn’t know it.

But seriously, I have been using digital marketing techniques to start, grow and scale businesses for a long time. I have a very experimental and agile approach to executing digital marketing strategies. Operating in the start up ecosystem has made me obsessed with tracking and optimising return on ad spend.

You can read more about the start ups and businesses I have helped below.

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