Set up your customer & visitor tracking

Data Analytics & User Tracking Implementation


What's included: 


  • Set up of Google Tag Manager 
  • Set up of Facebook Tracking Pixel 
  • Google Analytics set up with conversion points.


  • User analysis of activity on your site
  • Competitive analysis and comparison of your key metrics vs competitors and industry benchmarks. Including:
    - Bounce Rate
    - Traffic
    - Conversion Rate
  • Analysis of customers digital path-to-purchase to inform digital strategies & funnel optimisation.
  • Device & Usage: understanding how people use their device on your site, and how your UX could be affecting your conversion rate.

Digital Marketing Tracking - Set up & Implementation
Digital Marketing is ineffective and costly if you don't have your platforms set up to track and monitor the activity on your site.


Many start-ups are faced with the challenge of being able to accurately measure the impact of these the many platforms that drive traffic to their site. 

This service will set up your digital tracking solutions to provide real-time insight into the online behaviour of your customers. 


Set up & Analysis: $2,100

Monthly Reporting: $150 per month.