How to Bootstrap Your Marketing

I’ve been working in/for start ups for a long time now and you better believe I’ve learned a thing or two.

I’ve been lucky enough to help many businesses turn their websites into absolute converting machines.

How? Through my Bootstrap Marketing techniques.

One question every entrepreneur has is:

Where do I even start?

Here’s what I always tell them…


How to Bootstrap Your Marketing

  1. Prove the Market

Before you invest even one penny into your idea you need to PROVE that people want what you're offering. 

Here's what a fool would be thinking right now:

"But I have an idea that no one knows about. How can I prove that the market wants what I have when they don't know it exists?" 😏

Here's why that's a foolish question:

Your business idea may be TOTALLY unique, but the problem your solving won't be.

People are searching for answers to their problem and they’re getting loads of solutions every day. THIS IS YOUR MARKET RIGHT HERE. Comprende?

So, to prove this market here's what you need to do:

1) 📌 Write down 4 + phrases that your ideal customer would be typing into Google when doing their research. (Put this in a spreadsheet)

Let's use my online course for an example.

I believe that my ideal customer is searching Google for: 

  • "Digital marketing"

  • "What is SEO?"

  • "Online courses for marketing"

  • "Digital marketing strategies"

  • “Marketing courses”

    2) 📌Open up AdWord’s "Keyword Planner".

    (If you have never ran a campaign before,
    read this blog first. You will need to follow a specific set of instructions before you can continue on with my hacks.)

    Now, copy & paste your phrases into the planner. 


And BANG 🔥🔥🔥

Here’s your first bit of data that helps analyse your market space. 

Look at how many people have these problems every month.

How many searches do your keywords (or related keywords) have?

Note that there should be at least 100-200 searches per month for online to be a viable method of advertising.

You may also find some really interesting searches in here that gives you a deeper insight into the problems that your target market is facing. 

So - there you have it. Your first bit of proof that people DO have a problem worth solving.

Also, you’ve now just created the start of your SEO strategy since now you know what your main keywords should be based on search volume. 

YOU'RE WELCOME 💁💁💁 (Sorry for yelling).

2. Know the “Cost Per Customer”

In the marketing nerd world they call this "Cost Per Acquisition” (CPA) or "Customer Acquisition Cost" (CAC).

So, you know all this data you’ve accumulated from the keyword planner? Well, I have the secret sauce to show you exactly how you can forecast the cost for you to acquire each customer. (I.e your advertising spend).


Enter your details below and I will send you a mini tutorial on how you can do this.

Get the "Customer Acquisition Cost" Calculator

3) Let go of what's not driving leads (or revenue)

Don't bust your ass creating cool social media content if you haven't already proved the market. Stop writing blogs blindly without having an audience to distribute them to. 

Set up the accounts for your social media, leave a couple of placeholder images and a link back to your website.

Then let sleeping dogs lie until you have more time to build these assets out.

Your priority right now is to master these two things: 

  1. Proving the market

  2. Setting your website up to be a conversion machine
    (I'm talkin’ SEO, User Interface "quick wins" and the ability to capture interest - leads)

4)  Earn their trust

If you want to get your first 100 customers online, then you need to learn how to build trust.

When you're next working on your website, I want you to hear me chanting the following:

"Earn trust by SHOWING trust "

There are many ways that you can earn the trust of your audience. 

Here's what I recommend you to do build trust fast:

  1. 📌 Give them a good experience on your site. Make moving through your site a seamless, beautiful and inspiring experience.

  2. 📌 Meet them face-to-face. If you're selling a product, hold a store at a "Finders Keepers" market - or another local market. You just need to physically get your product in front of people. 
    If you sell a service (like mwa!) then do some free workshops for your local community. Show the audience what you KNOW!

  3. 📌 Add trust factors on your site. For example add badges that say "30 day free returns", "Australian Made", "Money back guarantee". Consider adding social proof such as customer testimonials and all that goooood stuff.  

5) Take a really good online course

That can support you step-by-step with all this hokey pokey. 

I think I might know one...

& It's launching again soon

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