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Digital Marketing Courses for Entrepreneurs


I’m Rosa-Clare

When I graduated from high school I was accepted into a ‘guinea pig' degree at Macquarie University. Bachelor of Marketing & Media was the first and only of its kind in Australia where marketing and media were brought together in the one degree. Only 30 of us were accepted into the study as we were launched into a series of experimental classes and lectures.

Looking back, this degree was very influential to my career in startups that followed. ‘Trial and error’ has become the ever present theme of my day-to-day.

I am a creative person by nature as I love to spend my spare time painting portraits, collecting ornaments and hand crafting clay. While the business world may not seem relevant to the art world, I have found that there is nothing more creative then starting businesses from scratch, proving the market, and creatively drawing customers to purchase from you.

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My Career

In my very short 26 years I have somehow managed to build a very diverse and very interesting career. I have worked as a B2B marketer selling $500,000 software to Government agencies. I have worked and lived in Vietnam helping to build and promote a social enterprise for disadvantaged youth. I’ve worked for one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world, Havas, and helped manage their largest client: Defence Force Recruiting.

I was later pulled into the start up scene by an old colleague who was co-founding a travel start up looking to change the way people booked activities, Leezair.


I was then drawn over to an Airbnb property management company called Hometime as their Head of Marketing (still here!).
I have worked for businesses that have failed, and I have worked for businesses that have thrived.

Now I have built my own business that’s helping MORE startups and small businesses reach their potential.


My Philosophy

There’s a reason why I named by business “Bootstrap Marketing”. I really, really believe in bootstrapping [almost] everything in your business first before outsourcing it or hiring for it.

I approach every business decision, strategy or campaign with a ‘test first, scale later’ frame of mind.

I never worry about ‘doing it all’ and I would always discourage businesses from trying to be everything to everyone.


My philosophy is all about helping businesses to find and own their niche market. I teach and mentor my clients to do the following:

  • Discover their niche market

  • Drive their niche market to their website at a low cost

  • Get site visitors to convert on their website

  • Optimise the experience (for more conversions and cheaper marketing!)

  • Scale, scale, scale, & grow to become the market leader in their industry